Bratislav Filipovic

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Bilateral Meetings

  • Forum with Sweden 11:30 - 15:30
  • Forum with Denmark 11:30 - 15:30
  • Forum with Finland 11:30 - 15:30
DescriptionBAased in Jagodina, the Filipović Academy specializes in provid- ing informal education for teach- ers, educators and non-teaching staff that is involved in the ed- ucation process. The Academy's core activity is holding seminars, as well as creating hardware and software solutions that facilitate teaching and organization of teaching process.
Organization Type Company
Phone+381 35 81 55 444
CityJagodina, Kneza Lazara L2 lok.15 mi 16 Google map
Areas of Activities




    Business portfolio for employees in companies
    We are the creators of several web applications that together constitute a serious information system that is applicable and very useful, and which significantly eases the work of employees in education, from preschool to university level. These are: the Electronic Journal, Portfolio of teachers and students, which won first place in the field of IT in education at DISKOBOLOS 2015 and which is now used by 189 schools in Serbia. There is als the Electronic teaching notebook (Interface for parents, annual plan of professional development at the school level, self-evaluation, printing testimonials etc.), our e-library is supported by the Federation of School Librarians of Serbia and was the winner of the special award DISKOBOLOS 2013 (83 schools use this application), then our platform for developing school websites, (217 schools use this platform), platform for distance learning (e-learning), our Electronic diary of program for PP service.
    In cooperation with renowned companies, we also enable schools to use the programme for creating teaching schedules and the presentation programme for 3D models - Moza-book and Moza-web.
    We equip schools with modern IT equipment and programmes that are definitely an imperative in the modern way of learning. We introduce teaching staff to the world of IT through various trainings and seminars. In our offer we also have portable and interactive devices/tablets, which our competition in this category does not have. They are precise, easy to use, do not require special computer literacy, are a favourite among teachers and students, and are used for teaching purposes in more than 250 schools.
    We fight against computer illiteracy with our strength and I believe associates of Academy Filipović have in these fourteen years provided a great contribution in this part of the education system.

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